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Mr Joby KM is a highly effective laundry professional with over 10 years of experience utilizing his strong knowledge, expertise and organizational ability and offering an array of skills in innovative strategies in the laundry industry since 2008. Please go through his recent works below.

Project analyst

Mr Joby KM as a project analyst study the details of the particular project and develops innovative strategies. He provides critical data support to the techni- cal team.


Project consultant

The role varies with demands. Mr Joby KM supports the technical team to im- prove their performance. He provides specialised expertise in different stages of a project


Laundry designing

The need decides the design. Being one of the best laundry consultants at the global level, Mr Joby KM has a wide knowledge to contribute to laundry de- signing. Each design depends on the need of the laundry machine.


Machinery selection

Considering the key factors such as size, working cost, reparability, unit cost, etc.., only an expert can select the machinery for the particular need.


Installation and commission

There is a particular way even for the installation of the machine. Only an ex- pert can guide to take the precautions while the installation.



Mr Joby KM, with heart and soul spends a major portion of his time in this industry. With his experience and the knowledge, he guides the newcomers and does training in repairing and services of the laundry machines.

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About me

Mr Joby KM has more than 10 years of experience in the laundry industry, with a strong record of building a solid foundation and a highly dedicated team that deliver outstanding results. His extensive experience spans expertise in global sales, business development and services.



Joby KM has graduated in Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) and start- ed his career as an executive chef in universal Sodexo group, and later on, focused on entrepreneurship. The experiences he has come across during the days in Rigs, Army, Navy, Ships and Barges made him think about the need for proper laundry in these labour camps. These thoughts lead the installation of washing, spinning and drying laundry machine in 2008 at his hometown. The unorganised industry thus made him encounter the service issues and lack of proper knowledge of the machine. Thus he has started service and maintenance of laundry machines. His experiences have made him study thoroughly on this industry and to start consultancy of laundry machines in 2011. The inappropri- ate services in this industry, lazy customers and failure laundry has made him think about an integrated option which helps newcomers in this industry. Thus he started to deliver proper consultancy and classes on service also. His service focuses on consultancy, classes, machinery service practical and trading pro- grammes. Now the brain behind the bravery has branched out to other coun- tries and started consultancy in 6 countries other than India. The knowledge and skills he has acquired along his journey have made him one of the best laundry consultant at the global level.

He has helped thousands of customers to achieve their dreams of developing a successful self serve laundry business. The following factors are among the most essential points to consider prior to investing in your new industry, exist- ing or refurbishing an existing location, location analysis, design and layout, utility requirements, revenue potential, production assessment, staffing require- ment, production cost estimate etc.

He has a defined vision about his career. He is planning to implement his dream of Crystal Institute for Drycleaning and Laundry Technology (CIDLT) and a mechanical institute for services in order to provide concrete knowledge in each section of laundry. And also offers campus recruitment at the global level.


Education and Experience

Mr Joby KM is a successful and aggressive leader with more than 10 years of experience in the laundry industry. The following are his academic achievements and field experience.

Bachelor degree

Joby KM has graduated in Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM).

Executive chef

Joby KM has started his career as a chef in reputed hotel groups in India as well as abroad. And then joined as executive chef in universal Sodexo group.


Mr Joby KM has started the Consultancy in the laundry industry in 2011. He flourished gradually and starts to provide consultancy at the regional, national and global level.

Founded the Launmark India Pvt Ltd

In 2014, he has launched Launmark India Pvt Ltd, the laundry company giant in India.

Founded Cristal laundry company

In 2007, Mr Joby KM has taken his first step in the laundry industry with Cristal laundry company.

International Laundry Consultancy

In 2018, he has started International laundry consultancy. The knowledge and skills he has acquired along his journey have made him one of the best laundry consultant at the global level

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The range of area of expertise covered by the term “consultant” is wide. Mr Joby KM is a global consultant in the laundry industry. The wide knowledge and skills made him one of the best consultant in the industry. By hiring Mr Joby KM, the client has access to a deeper level of expertise that would be financially feasible for them to retain in-house on a long-term basis. Mr Joby KM has provided his advice to the clients in a variety of forms such as classes, trading programmes, service practical etc. He often uses reports and presentation to educate his customers.

On-site visit

For the better assessment of the project, Mr Joby KM prefers to visit the site. By hiring Mr Joby, a customer can get a maximum output including the authentic information.


Since 2011 Mr Joby KM provides consultancy in the laundry industry. And from 2018, he has started international laundry consultancy also.

Trading programmes

Mr Joby KM provides trading programmes covering how to start and lasts till how to earn.


He considers classes are also part of consultancy. Mr Joby KM provides classes for various audience regarding the laundry industry.


The expert of laundry industry, Mr Joby KM has understood the need for the training programmes, as because, service and repairing is one of the important parts of the laundry industry.

Guidance for installation

Mr Joby KM also provides his expertise for the installation of the machinery. There is a number of precautions and rules should be maintained during the installation.


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My Blog

Apart from specialisation, each of us has different hobbies and passion. Mr Joby KM even does blogging of his profession, travel, food and such. Let’s check his thoughts here.

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