à la carte

As Per Availability

Activate Package on Request

Select Service on Demand

Phone Confirmation Mandatory

Advance Payment Only Acceptable

Activate Date on Request

Activate Time on Request

Activate Venue on Request

Number of days on Request


  1. To & fro tickets
  2. Accommodation in 4 star or 5 star Hotel
  3. Local pick up & drop from airport
  4. Food should be offered during consulting hours

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Terms & Conditions:

  1. Video recording is strictly prohibited
  2. Audio recording is not allowed during consulting
  3. Do not postponed the date
  4. No refund available

Make sure, you have read Terms & Conditions before making payment

Customized Terms:

  1. Payment should done priorly, before the cosulting day.
  2. Requested package will be confirmed only after 100% payment is done.

Make sure, you have read Cancellation Policy before booking your packages